Creative Cooperations

What is “Creative Cooperations”?

Creative Cooperations is a European network of youth arts projects. A total of 14 partners from 9 European countries, have joined togother and agreed on a programme of concerted action.


Creative Cooperations offers an opportunity for disadvantaged teenagers and young adults in particular to gather European experience in artistic and creative community work and to obtain training.

Mandate and status

Creative Cooperations was founded under a mandate from the European Commision and on the initiative of the Schlesische 27 international culture center in Berlin. Creative Cooperations was initially selected as a pilot network for the European Voluntary Service youth programme and has since won recognition as a multilateral network.

European Voluntary Service

Creative Cooperations offers young people between the ages of 18 and 25 a chance to join in the European Voluntary Service programme. There are two cycles per year in which young Europeans can learn, try things out, make discoveries, gather European experience and develope their skills in a partner project.

Shared priorities

The institutions and initiatives belonging to Creative Cooperations undertake many different types of work in diverse areas. But all projects rest on the following principles:
  • Youth arts work begins with artistic experience and production
  • Youth arts work demands and encourages active participation and creative expression
  • Youth arts work is focused on areas of social concern
  • Youth arts work is community work and plays an important part in solving the problems of our times.

Main target group

Creative Cooperations is aimed specifically at young people who have an interest in arts but have not had a chance to discover the opportunities offered by international voluntary work for themselves.

Coordinating group

The various threads of Creative Cooperations come togother at a coordinatig office. The coordinating office is also the point of contact for the European Commision and is based at Schlesische 27 in Berlin